First Time Property Investors Often Make This Mistake

Capitol Real Estate Reviews

Stability_and_stabilityBy avoiding the most common mistake of first time investors will set you on the right path to enjoy profits quicker and help you purchase your second and subsequent properties sooner, thus creating more wealth. The mistake lays in the belief that investment property loans need to be paid off.

Investment loans should be interest only and it is imperative that you fully understand why. By using interest only loans you will immediately enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your monthly loan repayment is considerably less putting less strain on your cash flow.
  • Enables you to purchase your next property sooner which will then not only increase your final profit from that property, but substantially increase your overall wealth in retirement.
  • Investment loans are usually available at a considerably lower interest rate than a traditional home mortgage further improving your cash flow and peace of mind.

When you add the advantages together…

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