Home Buying Season Isn’t Over

The U.S. housing market is in a completely different position than this time last year, with solid price increases, steady inventory and strong demand continuing well into the fall season, according to realtor.com’s National Housing Trend Report for October 2013.
Home Buying Season Isn't OverMedian U.S. home prices in October were relatively unaffected by the usual seasonal patterns, with a 7.57 percent increase year over year. National inventory is stabilizing after the dramatic declines seen earlier this year, although the nation still is experiencing significant supply shortages. Most notably, median age of inventory – a leading indicator of demand – is down 11.32 percent from last year, demonstrating resilience to seasonal changes and stabilized inventory.

“Instead of the usual seasonal slowdown, October data show the 2013 fall market moving at a fast pace,” said Errol Samuelson, president of realtor.com. “Inventory has returned to last year’s levels, but prices continue to strengthen and homes are…

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These Homes Could Be Your Castle

To some degree, every home is the owner’s castle, but these homes take it a step further. With stone walls, turrets and even a guard shack, these residences would fit into medieval Europe, or perhaps a Harry Potter novel.

In the ivy-covered league

1 Castle Rd, Piermont, NY
For sale: $5.5 million

This castle is the oldest in the bunch, but it’s nowhere near the age of the stone monoliths found in Europe. Built in 1892 by the well-known architectural firm McKim, Mead & White, the 15,000-square-foot castle sits on 18 acres in upstate New York.

Storybook structure

undisclosed address, Cornwall, CT
For sale: $8.85 million

According to the listing, the first owners of this home traveled throughout Europe, collecting artifacts and materials to include in their custom castle. Built in the early 1920s, the home includes columns from France and Italy and a 16th-century, painted Dutch ceiling. The entire…

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De-pet your home before you sell

Selling your home is a real art form these days. The marketing! The staging! Yet there’s one thing that you, Joe or Sally Homeowner, often forget: Would-be buyers don’t care how much you love your pets. And they’re not interested in seeing — or smelling — evidence of Fido or Fifi.

“People are really, really sensitive about pets,” says Don Aslett, owner of a cleaning businesses and author of “Pet Clean-up Made Easy.”  “One of the biggest reasons people will or won’t buy a house is odor, believe it or not,” says Aslett, who also operates the Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho.

So how do you scrub all evidence of your pets from your home before you sell it, especially if you’ve lived there with them for a decade or more?

Step away from that can of Lysol. We’ve got some expert tips that really work.


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4 Perks to Buying During the Holidays

If you’re house hunting over the holidays, you’re likely a serious buyer with an immediate need.  Perhaps you have to relocate for a new job opportunity, or there’s been a change in your personal life? Regardless, while you may assume it’s not an ideal time to be looking — namely because there isn’t much to look at — there are some advantages to buying this time of year.

Perks to Buying During the Holidays

Less competition

Let’s start with the obvious one: less competition. This lowers the chances of multiple offers and bidding wars (something we saw a lot of last spring/summer), and should translate into a bigger discount for you. Know your market! This is where sites like Zillow come in handy. Start your research here for comps in your area and to see what homes are selling for.

Serious home sellers

Why would sellers pick such an inconvenient time — while everyone is busy entertaining family and friends and enjoying…

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Check Out this Curvy Glass House by Ed Niles

Topping a half-acre promontory on Loma Linda Drive is this curving glass-and-steel contemporary, which mesmerizes with a see-through circular design and jetliner views of Beverly Hills.

from realtor.com

The unique modern home is the work of modernist Malibu architect Ed Niles, who knows a thing or two when it comes to combining prime vantage points with architectural gems (see: The Henman House).

from realtor.com

from realtor.com

The Beverly Hills house, built in 2009, frames walls of blue glass in ribbed steel to create the home’s foundation while encompassing a central courtyard and infinity pool. The six-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bath example of architecture boasts a whopping 7,500 square feet, an elevator, views from every room and parking for six.

from realtor.com

from realtor.com

from realtor.com

from realtor.com

from realtor.com

from realtor.com

Niles’ architectural gem previously came to market in 2010 for $11.9 million. However, in a sign that the luxury real estate market is well on its way to recovery, the modern home with architectural pedigree now asks…

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Potential Foreclosure Pitfalls

Brenna Weatherby


Earlier today I had a potential new client contact me to see if I could assist them in their search for a new home.  BUT, they’re only interested in looking at foreclosure properties.  While there aren’t as many REO properties available now, they’re still out there, and many are still priced under market value.  However, there are many things that you need to consider when examining a foreclosed property:

Fixture and Appliance Costs – Many foreclosed homes are sold at prices that are under market value because they have been stripped.  Appliances, fixtures, window coverings, backyard pergolas, and even copper wiring have all been removed.  In some cases the previous homeowner took these things, and sometimes homes get broken into after the home was vacated.  Either way, you should pay for your own home inspection to see what is missing, and then you’ll need to figure in the cost of…

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