Get Ready for the ‘Maximalism’ Movement Entering Interior Designs

A new philosophy is taking hold in interior design, and it puts the onus on style without clutter. The recession has finally dwindled and people are yearning for all of the sumptuousness, texture, and good looks that they can get.

This exciting new movement is being called “maximalism.”

So many of us were attracted toward the bare, simplistic movement often referred to as “minimalism” in the last several years. But this new idea of maximalism looks to break that mold and go after the bright, bold, detailed accents that are connected to this new ideal.

During the recession everyone took it down a notch and gravitated toward repurposing. Many people were downsizing and reusing and recycling. People made do with as little as possible.

But are the days of repurposing and reclaiming items fading away and being replaced by maximalism?

The new maximalism means that the recession is almost over…

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