Top 10 Craziest Places to Live from 2013

Why succumb to four-bedroom suburbia when you can bunker down in a missile silo or reign over your own personal castle? From telescope-topped properties to stunning architectural constructs and luxury relics of the Cold War, these homes drew your attention and earned the title of craziest places to live in 2013.

10. Mermaid’s Chair Mansion


The mermaid has always been one of the more beguiling creatures found in the pantheon of oceanic mythology, but this mansion perched above the banks of Mermaid’s Chair in St. Thomas proved to be the ultimate enchantress.

The alluring $35 million listing in the Virgin Islands countered a January cold snap with pristine Caribbean views and left us wanderlusting for the blissful feel of warm sand between our toes.

9. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Gerald B. Tonkens House


Though the Gerald B. Tonkens House in Cincinnati was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it was actually built…

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