Why NOW is the Best Time to sell your Home

2013 was the third best year ever for Dane County home sales since 1991.  For the 29th straight month, sales were greater than the same month one year prior.  In comparison to 2012, sales of single family homes and condominiums were 25% higher.  This is music to the ears of anyone having to or consider selling their home.

In addition to a brisk sales trend, the number of homes for sale is at an all time low.  Simply put, demand is outpacing supply.  Below is a graph showing you ‘supply’ (blue) and ‘demand’ (pink) for Dane County.  Click on the photo for a larger image

Home Selling Graph

Currently, we have a pool of buyers waiting for the right home to hit the real estate market.   I would love to connect them to that!  Would you do me a favor?  If you know of anyone that is considering selling in the next year or two, would you connect us?

And to save anxious buyers time, I wanted to pass along my website.  From www.judyandcompany.com, buyers can view all real estate for sale, do their market research, save their favorite properties without the hassle of receiving phone calls from different Realtors.  Plus our data is current and updated daily, unlike Zillow or Trulia.    Please pass this website on!

Thank you for your support in business!

Judy Braund


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