10 Romantic Rooms You Won’t Want to Leave

Instead of dining out, consider staying in this Valentine’s Day. Setting the mood for a special occasion can be as simple as changing a home’s decor or lighting. To cultivate a feeling of romance in your home, we’ve gathered 10 warm and whimsical spaces for inspiration.

Feeling a glow

Scottsdale pool

desert villa sets the stage for a romantic evening under the stars with a little mood lighting.

Bathtime roses

Bathroom with roses
No trail of roses is needed in this bathroom designed by Pelz Architecture. A tasteful bouquet signals it’s time for a relaxing soak in the tub.

Loveseats for lovebirds

Theater room with loveseats
Instead of traditional theater seats, Zillow Digs designer Jessica Lagrange added loveseats for an intimate date night at home.

Corner booth

Outdoor patio table
It doesn’t get much more romantic than a candlelight dinner in your backyard. A wood pergola and chandelier create a private, secluded feel on this deck.

La chambre rouge

Lantana bedroom
warmly lit bedroom with red velvet sofas is a great way to end a day on the beach.

Skyline terrace

Skyline terrace
Chicago Specialty Gardens designed this outdoor space for a young family wanting a private place to gaze at the city lights.

 Secret garden

Phoenix garden
This Phoenix estate, known as “The Secret,” has several scenic spots for having a glass of wine or soaking in the afternoon sun.

Ocean bath

Carpenteria bathroom
This Carpinteria bathroom — complete with ocean waves and a crackling fire — is a luxurious spot to take in the view and truly relax.

Breakfast for two

Table for two on the terrace
What better way to start a romantic day than with breakfast for two on a private patio?

Breezy bedroom

White bedroom
A four-poster bed draped in white linens is elegant for everyday or a special occasion.


Catherine Sherman, a real estate writer for Zillow Blog, covers real estate news, industry trends and home design. Read more of her work here.

Source: http://www.zillow.com/blog/2014-02-12/romantic-rooms/


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